Workers Compensation

Accidents happen.  Regardless of your company's efforts to create a safe work environment, your employee can get injured on the job. 

When an accident happens, the best way to get the claim off to a good start is by reporting the claim timely.  That's why we want to know about the claim as soon as you do.  We offer on-line reporting with 24/7 accessibility.  You can also fax the report of injury directly to the Pinnacle office located in your state.

We know how important it is for your injured employee to return to work safely and quickly.  That's why we take a partnership approach to claims management.  We will work closely with you, your employee and the medical provider to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

Our best practices set standards for the follwing services and programs:

Claim Services
  • Customized programs for each client
  • Pro-active claims management
  • Dedicated adjusters
  • Three-point contact (24 hours)
  • Prompt compensability investigations
  • Subrogation investigations and recovery
  • Plan of action on all claims
  • Reserve evaluation and recommendations
  • Return to work/ light duty programs
  • Management of service providers
  • Open communication with clients
  • Telephonic and on-site claim reviews
  • Full compliance with state laws and regulations
  • Nurse triage programs for new case control
Cost Containment Programs
  • Medical bill review and audit
  • Hospital and specialty bill audit
  • Preferred provider networks
  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Durable medical equipment program
  • Medical case management
  • Utilization review
  • Fraud identification and investigation
  • Litigation management